My sister has an HP notebook, which this post was regarding. This time they had the laptop for 3 months and durring that time the warranty had expired.. My Circuit City extended service plan has me sending the laptop to Nexicor here in southern CA for repair. Yes the underneath was getting hot, but I thought that was normal. The problem arises when the cable weakens and breaks due to repeated flexing pressing of the power button. I am glad I found it today.

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I have become aware of this over the past several weeks. No more HP 4 me. Is hp dv6449us anything else I can do or do I have to just contact HP and send them my laptop so they can fix it? If you are a parent looking for hp dv6449us laptop for your children DONT buy HP in fact I would advise anyone considering such a purchase to stay well clear.

I also have to call my brother, who is a lawyer, because legal action is how i am going to proceed if HP does not repair my laptop and reimburse my last repair, or give me a hp dv6449us laptop altogether. Short of just buying a USB network adapter, I know nothing about how compaq is fixing this problem. Even though the sound begins to work after a couple of days, should I still send hp dv6449us in to be repaired?

Any chanse they will fix even after I have opened the laptop? E Emachines E Series: Why doesnt it says anything about hp dv6449us on website?

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hp dv6449us The rude custoemr service woman was helpfull in the fact that she would not transfer me to any higher supervisor, however, she gave me the corp. By the way matt, what model of HP did U have? I rang HP help and they told me to take the RAm out, the battery, and the drive,Turn on the laptop and leave for a while. I just recently found out that HP extended their warranty on these DV dv6449uz models.

hp dv6449us

HP gives you words only nothing to back them. When you get the slip to send the computer back with, you have the option of supplying the logon and password and can specify hp dv6449us you do not want hp dv6449us to reset the computer or erase the hard drive.

They said the soundcard wasnt working but this was attached to the mother board so it needed to be replaced.

A friend gave me his Presario V that sat unused in his closet for a year. Thank goodness HP is allowing a free out of warranty repair in my case. Oh darn, welcome me hp dv6449us the club.

I have a dvca and its not under an extended warranty: So I read the first comment on this board that I should contact HP hp dv6449us my friend about the dv6449s will they really fix the laptop because both of them are out of warranty any ideas or is this a waste of time? I had it repaired hp dv6449us, it needed a new hp dv6449us, and it worked for another 3 months.

Of course, what that really means is that they know their products will start breaking down within one year of purchase — built in obsolescence I guess.

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They told me the battery was not good, she hp dv6449us having the same problems. It is attracting dust which clutters on the fan.

It is really shocking that inspite of my repeated hp dv6449us I am seldom heard. I tought it was a battery problem. Now I think this could also be a driver problem as the speakers are altec lansing and the sound card or whatever it is see how much a geek I am not is conexant or something.

I think the fan will stop over a few months. On the list from HP they replace my motherboard, my screen, one of my hinges, my battery, and my mouse. When my Pavilion dv turned 25 months old to the dayI shut it down normally, and tried to turn hp dv6449us back on the next day. Is there anyway that u can help me with that, plzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz. I am so pleased that I found hp dv6449us site.

They replace the wireless adapter reimage the hd and change the motherboard that is where the main problem is so I am told. I think it hp dv6449us be something to do with updates to the driver, but im not a very technical person, and im not sure how long it has been like this as i havent tried to upload things for a couple of weeks and there are no restore points as far back as when i last added photos online… Was wondering if anyone can help, was going to phone hp, but hp dv6449us wont be hp dv6449us for hp dv6449us weeks as I am away at university on a summer job for 4 weeks, then going away on hol after that, so was wondering if there are any hp dv6449us ways i cud fix it myself?

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I have my comp back from HP. But, rebooting resulted in the same beeps as described elsewhere on the internet… 1 long and 2 short. I hp dv6449us to speak to a supervisor… after a few moments of denying the extended warranty, hp dv6449us supervisor agreed to have me send in my notebook for a free repair. I was dumb founded to find out, my notebook quick lights would turn on with no display, and re-boot every 10 seconds.

The first one had the problem with the display, then the sound, and the wireless, etc. Starting about four days hp dv6449us, while surfing the Internet, the computer screen will go white with vertical lines and freeze.

Dv6449uw this is a new installation, ask your xv6449us or software manufacturer for any windows updates you need. Oh, yes, they also reformatted my data SIX times so every time I lost everything. What a hp dv6449us of BS this HP purchase turned out to be. So frustrated here for having spent hard earned money on such a piece of junk. Well, this will be my 3rd time sending mine back.

So, I encourage anyone having hp dv6449us to call HP. I have an older game, v. Yes, it is possible if you have a Desktop computer, you may be able to do it yourself. What else could be wrong? This Chip works together with the accu. Brenten, have you tried restoring your Notebook to the factory default? At any rate, the service was very fast, they had the computer back to me in a hp dv6449us of days.

Then a friend just recently has a similar problem with the same laptop oh boy the same laptop I said I could not hp dv6449us her hp dv6449us stopped working a year hp dv6449us when the warranty expired.

There is 1 long beep and 2 short.